Suggested COVID-19 Podcast Topics

Vaccines and Vaccinations

  • Who should get a COVID-19 vaccination?
  • Are there special considerations on who should get the vaccine first?
  • Do I need to talk to my provider before I get the COVID-19 vaccination?
  • How exactly do these COVID-19 vaccinations work in the body?
  • I keep hearing about "herd immunity." What is it?
  • If I have already had COVID-19 and recovered, do I still need to get vaccinated?
  • Do I still need to wear a mask and avoid close contact with others if I have received two doses of the vaccine?
  • How do I report a problem or bad reaction after getting a COVID-19 vaccine?
  • Are there any reasons someone should not get the COVID-19 vaccine?
  • Can I trust these vaccines, even though they were made quickly?
  • Will I be able to choose which vaccine I get?
  • If I'm pregnant should I get the vaccine?

General COVID-19 Information

  • What to know about the new more contagious super-strain of COVID-19
  • Is it possible to have the flu and COVID-19 at the same time?
  • How should I treat my COVID-19 symptoms at home
  • Managing unrelated health appointments and conditions during COVID-19
  • Asthma and COVID-19 When to seek hospitalization
  • Understanding the symptoms of COVID-19
  • COVID-19 Mythbusters: What's fact and what's fiction
  • Examining the Relationship Between Underlying Conditions and the Virus
  • Examining the Connection between COVID-19 and Pneumonia
  • Covid-19 and GI Issues
  • How to use telemedicine and why is this is a good choice during the pandemic?
  • How can I get tested for COVID-19?
  • The Patient Experience: What to expect while receiving COVID-19 care
  • How to protect ourselves from COVID-19
  • After the Covid-19 peak: What happens next?
  • Evolving Cancer Care During COVID-19
  • Chemotherapy and COVID-19
Children's Health 
  • How to Ease Your Children's Anxiety About Coronavirus
  • COVID-19 Quarantine: Managing Your Children's Screen Time
  • Why Children Are Not Immune To Covid-19
  • During the COVID-19 Pandemic: What to Do if Your Child Is Sick
  • Home Schooling During Covid-19
  • Stuck at Home? Fun Activities for Your Child
  • RSV and Coronavirus: Cause for more concern?
  • How Parents Can Talk To Children & Teens About the Coronavirus
Elderly Care
  • Coronavirus: Caregiving for the Elderly
  • COVID-19 and Telehealth for Seniors
Mental Health 
  • COVID-19 and Meditation
  • Keep Mentally Healthy During the Time of COVID-19
  • Coping with Stress
  • Now is the Best time for Self-Love
  • Maintaining healthy relationships during COVID-19 
  • The power of mindfulness in the midst of COVID-19 stress
  • COVID-19: Neurological Impact and Considerations
  • Yoga and other Home Exercises
  • Super foods to keep your immune system strong
  • Starting (and maintaining!) an at-home exercise program
  • Building nutritious meals 
  • Tips for better sleep during COVID-19 stress
  • How to strengthen your immune system
  • The Importance of Sleep 
  • Exercising and staying fit
Women's Health 
  • COVID-19: Pregnancy, Childbirth and Postpartum Care
  • How to protect yourself and your baby during pregnancy
  • Virtual Delivery Room: Tools to share your baby's birth with your far-away family
  • Fertility Treatment in the Time of COVID-19