Quick Links:
Studio Link: (Link will be added and sent in conformation email.)
Studio Number: 1-847-737-8888

Podcast Guest
Connection Options
You can connect to our Studio by phone or with your computer


phone icon

What you'll need: 
Landline preferred; cell phones OK

On the scheduled day and time our studio technician will call you at your preferred number.

What you'll need: 
Laptop or desktop computer
Internet connection - wired preferred
Chrome Browser
Microphone - choose one:
External USB microphone, headphones required
Mac only: laptop built-in microphone, headphones required
USB headset with mic
Wired earbuds with microphone (not bluetooth)

1Click the studio link: (Link will be added and sent in conformation email.)
2Please enter your name, click CONTINUE
3Follow the audio wizard to help connect:
If asked, allow access to your microphone
Select your microphone from the dropdown menu and test, click CONTINUE
Select your headphones from the dropdown menu and test using ECHO, click CONTINUE
4Wait for studio to connect to you

You are now connected! Our Studio Tech will make sure your laptop or PC is recognizing your microphone and headphones (or headset).

If you have any issues connecting you can contact the studios by calling 1-847-737-8888 .
Need help? Contact your CPM (Content Production Manager).