doctor podcasting 1
Thanks for being a guest on the podcast!
NOTE: There are TWO options for participating as a guest on the scheduled day and time of your interview:
1. PHONE (Landline preferred). For this option, our studio technician will simply call you at your preferred number.
2. COMPUTER (For enhanced, in-studio audio quality). To use this option please see these requirements. Then, follow the steps to connect. It's important that during the podcast recording that you do not use the computer for any purpose other than feeding your voice; please close email, websites, spreadsheets, or any other programs.
Podcast Tips:
  • Be in a quiet place -- talk in a strong voice (don't drift away from the phone).
  • Before the podcast begins, the talk host will go over some of the questions and you can suggest things that you'd like to talk about
  • Think "casual chat" - just be yourself and inject personality and humor (where appropriate). It's you and the talk host having a real conversation - using the intimate medium of audio to get the word out.
  • Drink water to hydrate before the interview 
If you have any questions please ask the talk host before the interview.
Thank you!